Scientology a cult of lies

My last site has been taken down by a troll. (not one associated with scientology though) but I was forced to switch providers. So sorry about the format of this.

Screenshot of my old website which was suspended.

What is a cult?

According to Wikipedia A cult is “a social group that is defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs and rituals

What makes scientology a cult ?

Well one reason scientology is a cult because it makes it harder for you to leave when you decide you don’t want to be in scientology anymore.

Here are some more reasons Scientology is a cult. They do some of the stuff Steven Hassan mentions Such as behavior control, information control, thought control and emotional control. But each method of control has different bullet points under it. Note this is a bite model of Authoritarian control and not the one on mind control shown below.

Also see this How the Bite Model describes scientology

Diagram on cults and mind control by Steven Hassan

Possible TW for abuse and rape because the cult of scientology is abusive. 

Scientology is a body of religious beliefs and practices invented by L.R.Hubbard. (according to Wikipedia) Scientologists believe that millions of years Ago Lord Xenu was the head of the galactic federation (no I am not making this up). If you want to know more look at this link. If you want to read the story of Xenu click here.

Picture of Lord Xenu from a popular tv show known as South Park. note according to someone I know who is a scientologist most scientologists don’t believe in Xenu. However I don’t know if that is actually true or just what that particular scientologists believes. (see chatroom screenshots picture for screenshot)

Scientology is no normal religion and has been the subject of many lawsuits and allegations of abuse.

Scientology has 147 churches around the world.(sorry picture is hard to see)

Scientology status by country. From Wikipedia Dark green recognizes Scientology as a religion. Light green is where Scientology is tax exempt. Pink means it is allowed to preform marriages there. Orange is where it is considered a cult and blue means the situation is unclear. In my opinion it should be orange everywhere.

In the United states scientology is recognized by the IRS as a not for profit for tax purposes!

Screenshot from the old church of Scientology website which has since been changed I think this screenshot might be from  the 1990s or early 2000s but I am not sure. I wonder what was shown in the orientation film that might be interesting to look at if I can find a copy.

Scientology terms

Big blue. The church of Scientology complex in Clearwater Florida

Drawing I did of Big Blue and words having to do with Scientology around it. At some point I will color this in digitally (the building)

Dianetics is the name for the Theories that L.Ron.Hubbard invented and it involves the meta physical relationship between the mind and body.

The book Dianetics

Disconnection is when people are no longer able to speak to someone who is a Scientologist because they have spoken out about Scientology or are labeled a SP (suppressive person)

Suppressive person or SP is someone who has spoken out against Scientology.Ranker has a list of 16 things that can make you a suppressive person in Scientology.

OT or Operating Thetan is when someone reaches the second level of the religious hierarchy.

Thetan is a part of a body that you cannot see in other words like a soul.

Clear is a member who has reached the first two levels of salvation.

Auditing is done with an e-meter (shown below) and it is where they take an individual through their past or present in hopes of getting rid of negative influences. Here is an article about scientology and auditing kids by Tony Ortega A known ex scientologist.

The Mark VIII E-Meter in it’s carrying case.

Fair game A intimidation tactic used by the church of Scientology. Anyone who speaks out about the church or criticizes it is fair game in other words they are often threatened. But that being said Scientology is more like to go after Ex members who spoke out or famous reporters. People who leave the church and don’t speak out should be fine.

Freewinds is the luxury boat that is owned by church of Scientology. It made news for being the site of a measles outbreak.

Sea Org is a religious order within the Church of Scientology.

Cadet is a sea org member who is a child.

RPF Rehabilitation Project Force. Rehabilitation program for sea org members who are deemed failures or trouble makers. They have to do manual labor all day and can not speak to anyone.

OSA is a special branch known for Scientology Operations (Operations of special affairs) It was formerly called the guardians office. They are responsible for Legal affairs, public relations, leading investigations and more. Stuff about OSA can be found here.

CST The church of Spiritual technology that archives Scientology scriptures. It’s also allegedly where Shelly Miscavige is being held but you will find more about that later (on another part of the site)

A picture of CST from a news article To read that news article click here.

The Hole is the name for the compound at Gold base in California. There is allegedly abuse going on there according to people who have spoken out. Shown below is a picture taken of the hole.

Gold Base is the the headquarters of the International Church of Scientology.

To see drone footage of this expansive complex click here.

Tone Scale A scale which shows emotional tones.

Squirrel was L.Ron.Hubbard’s name for someone who defected from the church but still practices scientologys teachings.

Reactive  mind the subconscious half of the human mind containing a person’s involuntary impulses.

R2-45 the theory that if you shoot someone with a gun the spirit will leave their body.

L. Ron Hubbard said this about the practice “an enormously effective process for exteriorization but its use is frowned upon by this society at this time”. to find out more click here

Allegations against the church or its members

Animation that shows some of the allegations against the Church of Scientology or allegations against members of the Church of Scientology

What are some of the allegations against the church or it’s members? Allegations about forced abortions in Scientology by Claire Headley a former Sea Org Member who claims the church Coerced abortions and if a person got pregnant they were scheduled for an abortion. If she refused the woman would be segregated from her husband and put on manual labor.

A new lawsuit against the leader of Scientology was filed in September 2019 and it was the third lawsuit filed that month. TW the lawsuit accuses David Miscavige and church branches of sexual abuse and racketeering among other things.

David Miscavige also allegedly attacked staff including Mike Rinder.

In 2016 and 2017 several women sued Danny Masterson for rape and assault and claim they were stalked after going to police about the alleged assaults.

Also Scientologists often attack their critics, harass them and silence them. Here are some of the intimidation tactics they have used in the past.

A scientologist named Hanan Islam was recently accused of using a Scientology drug program Narconon and students to take money (defraud) from the states Medi-cali program.

A former Scientologist claims Tom Cruise’s kids were “isolated and indoctrinated” to hate their mother. They were allegedly lead to believe that their mother was a “suppressive person” which means a person who is a threat to Scientologists ability to follow the church ways.

Children in the Sea Org (a religious order of Scientology) preformed manual labor and other allegations from an ex scientologist.

A woman during the 80’s claimed Scientology defrauded her and said that the church could fix her eyesite .

Martin Hunt was a scientologist for two years and claims that Scientology wanted him to disconnect from his family which he didn’t want to do. Disconnection happens with family members as well as friends. who are no longer able to contact loved ones within the church.

Terry Prueher of Tampa says he was offered 10,000 to work for the church so he quit his current job at the time but he claims he never received the money. He also claims he was injured trying to leave the organization.

Good Rolling stone Article about Ex scientology kids.

Samantha Domingo an ex scientologist talks about her time at the church and her interactions with famous people like Tom Cruise. She also talks about her time on the “rehabilitation project force” where she had to scrub out a grease pit filled with rats and cockroaches for ten hours a day(allegedly) she also talks about her what happened when she tried to escape the church.

Article about The Hole Scientology’s alleged prison camp in California that includes testimony from former members.

According to MIchael Pattinson Scientology claimed it could cure him from being gay.

Famous Couple claims Scientology killed their dogs after they spoke out against them. The first link is a newspaper article about the couple the second link is what was posted on Instagram.

One of the dogs Scientology Allegedly murdered. #RIP

In this blog post Tony talks about how former cult members and current ones said that from 2015 to 2019 the church tried to deceptively open credit cards for them. This was known as the Chase wave because they used Chase Bank in particular. In Leah and Mike Rinder’s show Mary Kahn said that a sea org member charged $200 dollars to her credit card and informed her of it.

Tom Cruise has been accused of using people for slave labor in scientology and only paying them a dollar a hour (15 ex scientologists claimed this)

Former Scientologist Leah Remini said this about Tom’s involvement in the church

“is very aware of the abuses that go on in Scientology. He’s been part of it,”

Incidents that can be proven

The Death of Lisa McPherson former scientologist. She was involved in a car accident and decided to take off her clothes. When EMS arrived however they suggested she be get mental health treatment. When Scientologists showed up they said she didn’t believe in psychiatry and took her to a hotel for “rest and relaxation.” Later she died due to an embolism (a blood vessel blockage) and dehydration.The medical examiner even said “this is the most severe case of dehydration I’ve ever seen” Her family maintains she was held against her will for 17 years.

Content Warning Murder Jeremy Perkins (a schizophrenic who was not taking psychiatric drugs because (Scientology doesn’t believe in people taking psychiatric drugs ) stabbed his mom 77 times and killed her on March 18th 2003. For court files on this case look here Also here is a news article about the case. it is also important to read about what Scientology did after the murder. like for example Teresa Reger a Scientologist claimed that Jeremy had never been a Scientology member despite the facts he was once in the sea org and had taken Scientology classes.

A 16 year old teenager stabbed two Scientologists at an Australian church of Scientology complex. One died the other was injured. Not clear if the teen was a member but police did mention he has a “lawful” reason to be there but then he was asked to leave.

TW(suicide) scientologist Noah Lottick killed himself by jumping off a high building. Sometime before he died he had paid 5,000 for church counseling. Also He entered his families home and was delusional which promoted his dad to call a psychiatrist. He thought his family was spreading rumors about him(that’s the delusion)

Scientology Bought the Cult Awareness Network which was a huge critic of Scientology until Scientology sued them and they went bankrupt. Scientology’s leader threatens to out one of the women who is suing Danny Masterson in a sexual assault case. Here is a quote from a legal document. “Plaintiffs’ use of “Jane Doe” by two of the Plaintiffs is improper. See Code of Civ. Procedure § 367 (“Every action must be prosecuted in the name of the real party in interest, except as otherwise provided by statute.”).

Donald Trump donated money from the Donald Trump Junior Foundation and gave it to Pam Bondi An attorney General who asked for a $25,000 dollar campaign donation. Pam is associated with Scientology but not a Scientologist. Trump Later had to pay a fine to the IRS and admitted what he did was wrong. and now Pam Bondi is officially joining Team trump. Scientology claims they are against human rights abuses yet some people like Joy Villa support Trump.

Speaking of Joy Villa she blocked me on twitter for pointing out you can’t be pro life and a COS Scientologist because Scientology allegedly forces and coerces abortions. Operation Snow White was a Scientology operation to purge bad information about Scientology and its founder from governments records. The Church of Scientology sued Time Magazine for writing a article on them. Scientologist’s pay for Libel after publishing a pamphlet that was made to try and defame a former Scientologist who spoke out about them. Scientology claims that psychiatry caused the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Discusses a Scientology court case The Queen Vs Church of Scientology in Toronto. Scientologists started out by a suing a newspaper for libel and slander and lost. The newspaper claimed that Scientology had been practicing medicine without a license. In 1973 63 E-meters(the devices Scientologists use for auditing) were seized by FDA agents. Scientologists claimed they had therapeutic and curative properties. A Dublin employee of Scientology was sentenced to prison for verbally abusing a autism campaigner who was concerned about Scientology. She recorded the first call she got from the scientologist but allegedly he made more and attacked her children who have autism. Danny Masterson has been charged with 3 counts of rape. He is a high profile member of scientology.

New Stuff on the Danny Masterson Case from Tony Ortega.

A nice picture of Danny Masterson edited by me. Tom cruise recently returned his golden globes because he said the organization giving out the awards was not diverse enough but does he really care or is this just a ploy to make him and scientology look good? He is scientology’s poster child. Danny Masterson is now on trial for 3 rapes. Here is a news article on him however if you want to be constantly updated I suggest checking out Tony Ortega’s blog.

Update on the Danny Masterson Rape arraignment. by Tony Ortega

Another Update on the Danny Masteron Rape Case by Tony Ortega

Scientology has been known to block its critics on twitter. (see the second picture below) 

Recently a guy used recording glasses to enter a Scientology service and recorded what he saw. Also I don’t support Russia (because of the invasion of Ukraine) however I found out recently that Russia calls Scientology undesirable and it is not a supported religion.  They say it ” poses a threat to the security of the Russian Federation”

So Scientology is really thinking about sending L.Ron Hubbard’s books to Ukraine and claims that libraries have requested them. Down Below is an embedded tweet by Leah Remini about the situation.

1. So the “humanitarians” of Scientology are hard at work.

They think that Ukrainians need Scientology books at this time.

No, dickheads, they don’t need your books. They are fighting for their lives!— Leah Remini (@LeahRemini) February 27, 2022

Recently a woman’s rant on Scientology and the new movie Top Gun has gone viral. if you are against Scientology please do not spend money to see it (if you want to see it in other ways okay) because all that money funds Scientology since Tom Cruise is in it and Scientology is actually very excited about the movies success.

Interesting article about neopets and scientologists and how a former ceo and board member on neopets was connected to scientology. neopets is the popular game and online pet site.

Article about how Scientology exploits and relies on immigrant labor. The article follows a Ekaterina a russian 11 year old who;s grandmother joine d scientology and wanted her daughter to join with her kid. After Ekaterina passed an immigration interview. A week and a half later she was off to Clearwater and working 8 hours day.

TW sexual abuse. A scientologist from a pro scientology chatroom admitting there has been sexual abuse in the Sea Org.

Scientology personality test

For those who don’t know Scientology has a free online personality test you can take you have to visit them to get the results though. Here are some questions I found interesting they ask during the test.

I wonder what kind of “discipline” they are talking about…

According to the dictionary Corporal punishment is described as physical punishment such as as caning or flogging. Given Scientology’s alleged history of abuse I find this question odd.  

Another question I found interesting. A color bar is when people ban POC from participating in the same activities as white people. Class distinction is a characteristic that is observed to differ based on social class according to the dictionary. 

Another question from the Test.  I wonder why they chose these questions.

Anyway the test is very long (200 questions I think) and when you are done the site presents you with a confusing graph but then says you have an appointment on a certain date to go in and talk to a Scientologist about your results. However due to oviduct I am not sure how many in person meetings they are having. Anyway Here is some testimony from someone in England who has taken the test.

if you want to check out the test for yourself click here

Scientology and Narconon
Scientology and Narconon
What is Narconon?
Narconon is a “drug” addiction treatment program connected to Scientology. However Narconon uses unproven theories involving drug effects and rehab. If you want to learn more click here
At one Narconon Facility in Pittsburg Stacy Dawn Murphy died. Her parents claim she was left in a withdrawal unit with no supervision. She died two hours later of accidental overdose. This was the fourth Narconon related death in 3 years. Because of her Death Mary Fallin the Governor required that inpatient drug treatment facilities be certified. That is still not enough because now that Narconon operates as a halfway house due to a loophole.
Also Narconon has been the subject of a recent scandal which I mentioned earlier in this site. However here is another link pertaining to it.

TW overdose mention A poster advertising Narconon Aurora (sorry it is not in English) I tried to find a picture that was not triggering. (One of the English ones had a picture of an overdose. )

During Narconon people sometimes go through a purification ceremony that rids the body of toxins like drugs. (this can also be used for certain prescription drugs) This purification rundown involves heat exposure for five hours a day and could cause heatstroke or organ failure. It involves taking supplements,exercise and long sauna stays.
In this article a former Scientologist claims Brad Pitt almost died from a Scientology drug detox and that he was put in the “sweat box” (the sauna), Soon after his near death experience Brad left the church it is claimed.

THE LAPD (Los Angeles Police department) supports Scientology and Narconon and even used one of their anti drug presentations . Take a look at this. Instead of investigating Scientology like they should be they have even worked with Scientologists

An LAPD police officer holding a fake check up at a Scientology event. Date Unknown

Narconon even won an award from the LAPD

And recently the LAPD has been meeting with Scientologists in Hollywood.

Hollywood Village

So on the previous page I talked about scientology’s relationship with  the LAPD (los Angeles police department) well turns out they have a program called ” Hollywood village” which is a hollywood cleanup program. They do everything from cleaning up trash to trying to make Hollywood a safer place for people (they claim)

When you tag Hollwoods villa on twitter and mention how they are connected to an Abusive cult and the LAPD they block you.

Screenshot from their website notice they talk about keeping hollywood safe but they ignore the harm that the church of scientology has caused people and it is not safe.

I found this interesting I clicked on a link from the Officlal Hollywood village website expecting to read more info about what exactly they do instead it led to a tiktok page. I feel like this is Scientologys way of trying to get younger people indoctrinated into their cult.

And according to the church of scientologys website as part of the process they also give homeless people copies of the way to happiness to “help them out”

organizations and companies connected to Scientology

On the previous Page I talked about Narconon which is connected to Scientology but there are other organizations as well such as the CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights)

Crriminon a Scientology connected program  that “rehabilitates” prisoners using L.Ron.Hubbard’s teachings according to Wikipedia.

Youth for Human Rights International is another Scientology organization, They say their mission is to teach humans around the world about humans rights, Yet they have no right to talk because Scientology commits human rights abuses on a daily basis.

United for Human Rights another Scientology connected organization

Foundation for a Drug Free World a anti drug Scientology group which has information about illegal drugs and alcohol on their site.  it is what is considered a front group. A front group is a group that Scientology uses to promote it’s interests.

Picture of this foundation is from the Tampa Bay Times

Applied Scholastic’s International is not for profit company that promotes the study techniques of L.Ron Hubbard.

Clearwater Community Volunteers A Scientology outreach group

Nation of Islam There are connections between the nation of Islam and Scientology. In fact Farrakhan receives money whenever one of his followers gets audited. So who is the nation of Islam. Read this description from the Southern Poverty Law center about it’s theology. “its theology of innate black superiority over whites and the deeply racist, antisemitic and anti-LGBT rhetoric of its leaders have earned the NOI a prominent position in the ranks of organized hate. ”  if you want to look at the full article click here. Also if you want to know more about the Church’s connection to Scientology click here.

American Sun which is a solar heating company owned by Scientologists.

Camelot Castle Hotel is a hotel in England that is run by Scientologists. Here is one review of The Camelot Castle Hotel I found on trip advisor.

Knowbe4 a security awareness and tech company founded by a Scientologist. Mike Rinder has a nice list of Scientology owned businesses in Clearwater Florida.

Scientology and racism

Scientology and racism

L. Ron Hubbard had a history of saying racist things here are some of his quotes.

According to his ex wife. L. Ron Hubbard wrote n a letter “You shouldn’t be scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees. Get yourself a nigger; that’s what they’re born for.”

“The trouble with China is, there are too many chinks here”

“The South African native is probably the one impossible person to train in the entire world he is probably impossible by any human standard.”

To see more quotes click here

Also L.Ron Hubbard believed in apartheid if this link doesn’t work try the cached version on google. More stuff on Scientology and South Africa. 

Scientology and Kids

Scientology and Kids

A former Scientologist known as Jane Doe alleges being abused in Scientology as a kindergartner. There have also been allegations of forced labor and human trafficking coming from kids and teens as well.

Another former Scientologist says she was forced to sit in a chair while adults yelled sexually inappropriate things at her. This is called Bull baiting and she was only TEN YEARS OLD when this allegedly happened. and said she had to do labor.

People in the Sea Org are not discouraged from having children and in fact they are shunned in a way if they do have any. Read some stories about that here.

Also A Nanny who interviewed for a position found out the parents were Scientologists and recently (in may 2021) posted

Quotes from former scientologists and more

FYI an ex scientologist is known as a suppressive person according to Scientology.

” I will never allow myself to be a part of an organization that takes people out of the real world”- Ex scientologist about Scientology. The quote is from this site.

“Scientology is, as I know it to be based on my experience, an empty organization, devoid of spirituality, cold, and utterly ruthless” Ex scientologist Martin Hunt on Scientology

“When I left Scientology, I lost every friend I had,” Samantha Domingo This quote shows how people who disconnected from the church often lose connection with their friends inside the church. Quote came from this site. There have been other instances of disconnection as well which are documented on Tony Ortega’s site.

“Then, finally, he jumps up on the table, launches himself at me, knocks me back against the partition wall, starts hammering my face, knocks me down on the floor. I was scratched up. My shirt was ripped off.” Former Scientologist (was in the cult 30 years) Jeff Hawkins on David Miscaviage and his temper.

“Silence is consent, Tommy. I refuse to consent.” He concluded, “I hereby resign my membership in the Church of Scientology.” Former Scientologist Paul Haggis in 2008 when someone from the Church of Scientology voted against gay marriage and Scientology did not speak up about it. He wrote a letter to Tommy Davis, the Chief spokesman for Scientology International and explained his problems with the “religion”.

Haggis also began reading about Scientology from an outsiders perspective This is what he had to say about abuse allegations. “Tommy, if only a fraction of these accusations are true, we are talking about serious, indefensible human and civil-rights violations.” This quote is also from the above link.

‘I suddenly realized that I’m no longer afraid of these idiots and all they can do to me is ex-communicate me and I actually don’t care anymore. I then get a visit from a pair of high up ambassadors of David Miscavige’s and am warned that, even if I’m unhappy, if I keep my mouth shut, I’ll be left alone.” Samantha Domingo on what happened after she received a threatening message from the church.

“I realized what I was doing was rationalizing insanity” former scientologist on Leah Remini’s show about David Miscavage and his beating people.

“you just don’t get thrown into the fire of scientology you get boiled like a frog” -Mike Rinder on Leah Remini’s show. Mike used to be a senior executive and international spokesperson of Scientology before he left. While in the church he was in charge of silencing people who spoke out about it.

“I went through hell to try and save my family” Former scientologist Mary Kahn on how she stayed in Scientology for so long trying to save her family but Scientology broke up her family anyway.

What a former scientologist and Sea Org Member says about the Church and how they spy on you.

Two Famous ex Scientologists Leah Remini and Mike Rinder went on to make their own show Scientology and the Aftermath. A review of the show from the LA Times

                                                                  More quotes

“Back in 2007 I thought we were being spied on, followed around by sinister strangers.-John Sweeney a reporter who did a report on Scientology. Originally the church denied it but then later they said Sweeney was followed.

“They made a play for me. I did squeeze the cans and I did a session on the E-meter, and I realized immediately, because they’re asking very personal questions, that they were gathering information that I didn’t want to give out to a stranger.” – actor David Duchovny on how Scientology tried to recruit him but he didn’t fall for it. I guess even for David the truth about Scientology is out there.

Famous Scientologists and Regular Ones

Tom Cruise at a Scientology event. Picture from the Associated Press

Famous Scientologists and regular ones.

Everybody knows Tom Cruise is Scientology’s Poster boy but if you want to know the names of some of the other celebrities and famous people who are Scientologists Wikipedia has a list. They also have lists on deceased members and former members (note the Wikipedia list may not be complete and I’m not sure when it was last updated) If you see any errors be sure to notify them.

(recent article mentioning Tom Cruise and Leah Remini an ex Scientologist.

John Travolta is another Scientologist and actor. Unlike Tom John does not have public outbursts on Oprah.

Nancy Cartwright(of the Simpsons fame) is another famous Scientologist. She She was awarded Scientology’s Patron Laureate Award after donating $10,000,000 to the Church in 2007.

But anybody can be a Scientologist not just famous people. writers, artists, small business owners, reporters and even criminal masterminds can be Scientologists. (Charles Manson allegedly was one) Scientologists are normally very intelligent and they do their homework. LOL (look at the second screenshot below ). And I’m just kidding they are brainwashed.

If you want to know about some famous people who have left the church. has a list of 27 people.

Some Scientologists such as Kirstie Alley block people for tweeting them about Scientology. They refuse to listen to the truth or discuss allegations.

An intelligent scientologist lol if they did their homework then why did they fail the Cults101 course in school?

What are freezoners?

What are Freezoners?

Freezoners are known as independent Scientologists. But official Scientologists call them (squirrels). These are people who were ostracized from the church for some reason and excommunicated or they left. Some freezoners have a problem with how Money Hungry the church has gotten while others have an issue with the fact the Modern church has strayed away from L.Ron Hubbard’s teachings a bit. Or they have a problem with the current Allegations of abuse in the church. Anyway it seems that Scientologists still in the church of Scientology have a problem with freezoners and have denounced them.

Scientology and the FBI

So back in 1977 the FBI seized some files from Scientology headquarters. Here is the List of files they seized from the wayback machine. Note this does not include the actual files they seized.

One of the files they seized was a programme related to a potential criminal investigation. They also seized a document related to bribes and attempted bribes as well as other things. They raided the church of Scientology because they heard that several government agencies have been watched by the church of Scientology allegedly.

Here are some FBI and scientology files on the Church of Scientology also from the wayback machine.  The second PDF explains in greater detail why the FBI raided the Church of Scientology.

First part of the Letter from the Church of Scientology to Members Of congress about the Raid.

What was Operation Snow white?

Operation Snow White was a church of Scientology effort in the 70s to get rid of bad records about them and their founder L.Ron Hubbard. According to Wikipedia they targeted government agencies,foreign consulates and embassies. Scientologist carried out activities such as wiretapping,infiltration and document theft. This became known as one of the largest infiltration’s of the US government in history. Two of the Agents involved in Operation Snow White were Michael Misner and Gerald Wolfe. To find out more about Operation Snow White go here

Scientology Chatroom Screenshots

Scientology chatroom screenshots

So I discovered a Pro Scientology Chatroom online. In the Chatroom there are actually members of the church of Scientology along with curious non members. According to A COS member the chatroom was created so the COS could interact with the public. The general public often asks questions about Scientology in general or a specific part.  Here are some of the screenshots from it.

In this first two Screenshots a Scientologist talks about where he thinks Shelly is. By Shelly He means Shelly Miscavaige the wife of David Miscavaige who has not been seen for years and there are rumors surrounding her disappearance

CST stands for Church of spiritual technology and it is where they archive L.Ron Hubbards works etc

This screenshot a user describes how expensive Scientology can be. ( note they are scamming parishioners and practitioners)

Another screenshot I found interesting in this one a Scientology member says most Scientologists don’t even believe in Xenu.

Why scientology and Quantum physics are not compatible according to a scientologist.

The code of a scientologist according to a scientologist.

Scientologist describing supressive people and claiming there is no abuse at the RPF which is the rehabilitation project force which is for sea org members who allegedly violated expectations or policies according to Wikipedia.

A Scientologist describing to a curious person what auditing is. Sometimes people who are non Scientologists come into the chatroom to ask questions.

A scientologist talking about fair game which is mentioned earlier in this site.

picture I was talking about at the beginning of this site.

Videos and other Media

In the first video. Leah Remini star of the A&E’s famous scientology docuseries talks about Scientology on ABC 20/20

This video features a father who is fighting to get his daughter out of the cult of Scientology. The Video is by SheltonDesigner.


Michelle Leclair talks about leaving scientology.

Karen de la Carriere talks about her sons death. Her son was a sea org member who served for 16 years before dying of Pneumonia and it was found he was on multiple drugs mainly methadone(which is a heroin derivative) Trailer For Leah Remini’s Scientology and the aftermath.

If you want to watch some documentaries about Scientology this site talks about 5 revealing documentaries they recommend.

Scientology Banners I made feel free to use. The last one is made for the Aftermath foundation a foundation that helps people leave scientology.



If you are trying to leave the Church of Scientology there is hope. This is where the Aftermath Foundation comes in. The aftermath foundation helps those who want to leave the Church of Scientology and the Sea organization or those who recently left. If you want to contact them click here.

The cult Education institutes help page.

A anti Cult organization where you could get help.

Steven Hassan’s webpage. He is a renowned cult researcher on different cults.

Want to see any of Leah and Mike Rinder’s hit series? Click here

A resource about Leaving scientology.

Mike Rinder’s blog A great blog run by an ex scientologist.

This blog post shows how two Scientologists tried to accuse Mike of abuse but he was found innocent and not charged.

This site has a ton of names of people who have spoken out about Scientology with links. It also mentions what role the person played in Scientology. Site run by ex Scientology kids who talk about their experiences in the church. Also run by ex Scientology kids and describes their experiences as well. Reddit has a forum for ex Scientologists to connect and share their stories. Reddit also has a forum to discuss Scientology in general. a link given to me by someone who is against Scientology

Good anti Church of Scientology Youtubers to find more information from.

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